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My PC Favs…The Lash Edition

My PC Favs…The Lash Edition

My PC Favs…The Lash Edition

Heyyyy there Peculiar Chix!

This week’s post features our first edition of My PC Favs in the “Clutch My Pearls” section. This section is all about…fashion and fun items that make you want to clutch your pearls because the bargain is so good, the colors are so vibrant, the fun factor is off of the chart…you get the idea!

I’m all about a beautiful eye look – be it bold eyeshadow colors, a natural and beautifully sculpted eyebrow, and more pointed to today’s fav, a lovely set of lashes. I’ve tried a number of brands and styles at a variety of price points over the years. And lo and behold I found my fav set of DIY lashes at my local CVS…who da thunkit! I love this style so much I purchase in bulk online – and don’t let me have some CVS Bucks or sneak up on a sale?! Whewwwww!

OK, I digress. Back to the topic at hand…

While I can thicken up my own lashes with a decent amount of mascara, I’ve grown to enjoy a nice set of lash strips (I tried the individual ones and they ended up looking like a hot mess on me…so I chose to stick with the strips versus individual lashes. However, play around with the different styles and see what works best for you.). At the close of the day or special event, you can either throw them away or gently clean off the lash glue and re-use them. And they just make even an everyday make-up look pop!

So here are some tips and tricks I’ve discovered over the years as well as deets on my favorite lashes:

Fav lashes:

  • Brand: MUA
  • Style: Glamour Long and Lush Lashes *Don’t let the glamour discourage you, they give you a beautiful, natural look*
  • Color: Black
  • Description: Whispy lashes that get longer from the inner corner to the outer eye area

Tools to have in the tool box:

  • Lashes
  • Lash glue *iEnvy by Kiss, Strip Eyelash Adhesive in Black is my fav*
  • Mascara *Maybelline Falsies Big Eyes in Blackest Black is my fav*
  • Tweezers
  • Toothpick *Helpful for touch-ups*
  • Eyelash curler *optional*



  1. Practice, practice, practice – the placement of eyelash strips or individual lashes is not for the faint at heart. Just keep practicing and you’ll find your sweet spot
  2. Try different styles to find what works best with your eye shape
  3. Be careful! Remember that you’re working very close to your precious eyes
  4. After placing the glue on the lash strip, allow it to dry for approx 1 minute before applying to your lash. This will keep it from slipping and sliding on your eye.
  5. There is a nice, little ledge between the start of your lashes and the edge of your eyelid. Aim to place the lashes up against that eyelid ledge. This positioning lends itself to a more natural look.
  6. Take.Your.Time. Each time I have tried to rush putting on my lashes, they end up looking like I was rushing to put them on. 🙂
  7. Consult YouTube – there are videos for days by some great beauty gurus that will take you step by step along the process *A few of my fav make-up gurus on YouTube that I have been following for years: Jackie Aina, Makeupshayla and Carli Bybel*
  8. Explore your options – you may find that placing your own lashes on is just not for you. Cool no prob! Check out your local area to see if lash extensions or similar lash services are offered for a nominal fee. Just keep in mind the maintenance cost and long-term effects should you chose to go this route.
  9. Alternately, find a great mascara that will enhance your own beautiful lashes. My personal fav is Maybelline’s Falsie’s Big Eyes. This one is great because it has a large brush on one end for your upper lash and a small brush on the other end for your bottom lash.
  10. Blink, blink, blink away with your bad self!
  11. REMEMBER, beauty is initiated on the inside…allow the lashes to merely enhance the beautiful Peculiar Chix you were specifically designed to become.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this Lash Edition of My PC Favs. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions!

Love ya girlie!  

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  • Joyce says:

    Kelli, please do a conversation about teen makeup and dress. Jada is 13 now and it is a major challenge trying to find what I consider to be age appropriate apparel including shoes and lingerie. Please help

    • PeculiarChixCEO says:

      Hey there Ms. Joyce, thanks for the support and question. Your question is a great one and can be quite challenging for the teen and tween age range. I will reach out to you directly in the interim with some suggestions and keep that in mind for a future post. Great question!

  • Candice Smith says:

    I have NEVER attempted to apply my own lash strips. I have always been pretty confident that it would either turn out horrible or leave me with sight (which is also pretty horrible). Your blog makes me want to try…. I might have to pick up these MUA lashes and pray I don’t get glue in my pupils! Wish me luck. lol

    • PeculiarChixCEO says:

      Heyyy there Candice! Ok so how about we both pray that your lash experience is a good one and one that leaves you with sight. 🙂 Glad it encouraged you to at least give it a try. Let me know how it goes!

  • Adrian Vaughan says:

    Thank you Kelli! I will try again to put the lashes on! I love lashes!


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