Reclaiming My Time: The Soap & Water Edition

Reclaiming My Time: The Soap & Water Edition

Reclaiming My Time: The Soap & Water Edition

At the risk of entering into the fray that has become a 24-hour political circus, it is imperative that I craft an ode to the beacon of empowerment that is Maxine Waters… As the 78-year young, US Representative of the 43rd district of California (south central Los Angeles area) and Ranking Member of the House Committee on Financial Services, Rep. Waters has become affectionately known in recent months as Auntie Maxine. Our favorite tell-it-like-it-is Auntie has made her presence known in DC for countless years and recently experienced a resurgence – particularly among millennials – ever since the current presidential administration entered the White House.

Having served in public office for some 37 years, Rep. Waters has long been known as a no-nonsense, please-do-not-come-for-me-unless-I-send-for-you (ask Bill O’Reilly re: comments about her choice of hairstyles), smart, savy, bold, powerful and effective woman in the area of politics, period. The fact that she is a woman of color is merely a plus.

Matter of fact, the memes that have ensued from her latest dialogue interaction with US Secretary of Treasury, Steve Mnuchin, for lack of a better term…have gone viral (can we retire that phrase yet?).

You see, what had

happen was…

…Rep. Waters asked Secretary Mnuchin if he had received the letter that she, along with other members of the committee had sent him on May 23. To which he responded, “Yes”. She then asked him if he understand the jurisdiction as well as oversight responsibilities this committee possessed over the Crimes Enforcement Network, to which he replied, “Yes”. And with affirmative answers to the 2 previous questions, Rep. Waters asked Secretary Mnuchin why she didn’t receive a response to her letter. Simple question right?

Thennnnnn things got

a little sticky.

You see, Uncle Steve then tried to avoid answering why he didn’t respond by starting down the road called Flattery and Appreciation for our Auntie’s many, many years of service…unfortunately, the trip down this road was brought to a complete halt. Unfortunately for Uncle Steve, he was lied to when someone told him that flattery will get you everywhere.  That particular day, Flattery Road was a short trip that ended rather quickly in the halls of Congress!

To his clever side step of the question, Rep. Waters declared the now infamous line, “Reclaiming my time! Reclaiming my time!”. Which essentially allowed her the right to cease any flattery or unnecessary information that the Secretary was planning to share that did not answer the question she placed on the table. After a few unsuccessful rounds of trying the side step route, Secretary Mnuchin lost that battle.

The moral of the story is, when anything (or anyone for that matter) tries to come into your space, your life and tries to fill up a bunch of your time with foolishness that will abort your intended result, you must make the same bold declaration, “Reclaiming my time….reclaiming my time”!

I can vividly recall a time when I had to reclaim my time! For the first time in my life, adult or otherwise, I was struck with the flu. Now anyone that has had the “privilege” of experiencing this wretched body snatcher, understands that the flu is not a game. Do not underestimate it, do not play around with it and do not think it won’t try hard to have its way with you.

As one who had been blessed with a pretty healthy immune system, it had been a rarity that I would take off of work due to illness. But with a 103-degree temperature, very little energy and a strong desire to get under the covers and not come out…I swung by the doctor’s office for some meds and pushed myself to get home, turn off the phone and let this thing run its course.

Mind you, I was in the midst

of selling my home.

If you have ever sold a home, you know that you must shake, rattle and roll out of the house anytime someone wants to come to view it, appraise it, inspect it…shucks blow some hot breath on it. You just have to get out of the house! At this point in the selling process, I had a buyer and the home was under contract. However, out of all the times that the home inspection needed to done, it was while I was in the throws of a Battle Royale like Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier in the Thrilla in Manila!

And I couldn’t get out of it. So me – and my flu-having-self – and Sydney (you know, my 75-pound, Pitt/Boxer mix) crawled into the car and parked down the street for what was supposed to be a simple home inspection. Nearly 3 hours later, we were finally able to return home. I fed Syd, let him out and crawled back into the bed. *SIDEBAR: Shout out to all the Peculiar Chix moms who hold it down for the whole household, sick or not, with or without a spouse!*

Well, after laying in bed with the flu for 4 days with no shower and now emitting an aroma that was far from aromatic, I made a decision. It was time to get up. So I washed the sheets, Lysol’d down my home and spent some quality time with some good ol’ fashioned soap and water. ‘Cuz it occurred to me that I was beginning to become too acquainted with the funk of my situation, the unkempt environment I was residing in and the sickness that had taken residence in my body.

The truth of the matter was…

…I probably felt better than I realized. And sho’ nuff, as soon as I started working on cleaning up me, cleaning up my surroundings, altering my environment and eradicating this foolishness that had entered my body, I realized that I needed to “Reclaim my time!”.

This sickness has come into my space, my body and my life and tried to snatch a bunch of my precious time…it had to go! My body had indeed had time to heal, adequate time for the medication to do what it does best and it was now time for me to get up, clean up and prepare me & my environment for where I was seeking to go…full recovery!

Hey Peculiar Chix…

…we identify ourselves as such because we just flat out think and do life differently then others. And that, to some, is peculiar. Now, I’m not advising to go against doctor’s orders or to make unsound decisions that will harm your health, but I am challenging you to take some bold steps of faith.

At some point you simply gotta make a faith decision and then get up and prepare for where you are believing to go!!

The entire 11th chapter of the book of Hebrews in the bible is full of example after example of men and women who took bold steps of faith. Time and time again, you will see the words, “By an act of Faith…”.

What act of faith do you need to take??? Like, this week!

Whatever individuals, whatever circumstances (whether inside of your control or not), whatever mindsets and heaven forbid, whatever foolishness has entered your space and is taking up valuable time intended to complete the purpose and assignment that you have been created to fulfill – my dear Peculiar Chix – it is simply time for us to enact a good ol’ fashioned snatch back. RECLAIM.YOUR.TIME!

So let’s pull out some soap and water, wash ourselves off, clean up our immediate environment, square our shoulders, toss our hair (if that applies…purchased or not), rear back and boldly declare the mantra that our Auntie Maxine so proudly proclaimed, “I am Reclaiming My Time!”

Thank you, Auntie Maxine, for the reminder!

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Love ya girlie! 

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  • Synethia Senn says:

    I absolutely love you and this article has blessed me!!! I miss you royally but I know you’re doing well and are blessed and highly favored!!!

    • PeculiarChixCEO says:

      Aww, love and miss you too Synethia! I trust that all is well and that you are doing fantastic also! 🙂

  • Denise Davenport says:

    Bravo‼️Great analogy‼️I look forward to our Wednesdays.

  • Andrea Hennessy-Welcome says:

    That’s good groceries Pastor!!

  • Storm J says:

    I watched that video clip so many times and it was said with such eloquence and you knew that it was going to go viral because she had to say it so many times. And for him to even attempt to side step the question was an insult really. But thanks for bringing some daily applicable sage to it. (Btw, all the parodies of it a just hilarious, and I find myself saying “reclaiming my time”). Til next Wednesday.

    • PeculiarChixCEO says:

      Storm Jennings!!!! 🙂 Love what you are doing girlie and excited to see how God is using you in the literary and social media arenas. Congratulations! Yesss, that video was everything. Thanks so much for the support each week! 🙂

  • Cheryl Oldham says:

    Chica, Auntie Maxine would be proud!! I have taken my tone back, and I am lovin’ it. Love y. Ma.

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