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My PC Finds…Fenty Beauty Edition

My PC Finds…Fenty Beauty Edition

My PC Finds…Fenty Beauty Edition

Let me just start this post by taking a moment to……stand up and engage in a rousing applause for Robyn Rihanna Fenty and her Global Artistry team.








When I tell you that she did the doggone thing…she.did.the.doggone.thing! I am incredibly impressed with the Fenty Beauty entrance into the make-up market/arena.

And to be clear, this has nothing to do with the celebrity attached to the brand. This has everything to do with a make-up line that is inclusive and entered the market with 40, yes 40, shades of foundation colors – that cover from the fairest of skin to the deep, cocoa-hued complexion. Do you understand that a pop singer (no shade, just identifying the arena she is known for) dropped a line of cosmetics onto the scene in a way that other make-up brands that have been on the scene for decades haven’t found a way to make it important enough invest in?!

However, she teamed up with the Kendo division of LVMH (same company that houses Louis Vuitton, Celine, Marc Jacobs, Fendi, Guerlain, Bvlgari, Sephora, and many more) to create, develop and invest in a line of cosmetics in which she wanted everyone to feel included.



Now, don’t get me wrong, there has been representation for women of color in the beauty arena, albeit limited, but there has been representation. And I dare not go in about how much I like the Fenty products I purchased without paying homage to those that paved the way for this line. I’d place them in 3 categories:

1) Long-time brands such as:

  • Fashion Fair (remember when your mom or grandma had that pink tube of Fashion Fair that had an…interesting aroma to it. Ok, maybe that was just me.) | http://shop.fashionfair.com/

2) More recent cosmetic lines such as:

3) And then the more mainstream, higher end cosmetic lines that are inclusive of women of color such as:

Unbeknownst to me, this line has been in the making and hinted at by Rihanna over the course of the past 2 years. I guess I missed all of those memos!

So, in route home after a wonderful vacation, info about the Fenty Beauty line started showing up in my Google feed. Intrigued, I hoped over to YouTube and began listening to/watching numerous videos about the brand. The YouTube marketing monster got me again. I was so pressed and impressed by what I was hearing and seeing, I detoured to Sephora and picked up a few items of my own…I wanted to actually see what all the hype was about this time, for myself.

A lovely woman conducted a color test on me (with some type of device that appeared to take a photo of my cheeks and chin) and we tested out 1 of the 2 colors recommended.

And we found a winner!

Now let me say, I am a pretty tough critic when it comes to make-up, foundation in particular. I have worn Sheer Espresso from the Queen Collection of Cover Girl for a number of years. I was a MAC Cosmetics NW 45/NC40 girl for years prior to that. I have a cocoa-complexion with yellow undertones and have combination skin (quite oily, primarily in my T-zone). My skin can be sensitive when it chooses to be a bit feisty. And over the past several months, my dermatologist and I have been trying a number of products to combat what appears to be a case of seborrheic dermatitis that leaves a swath of light spots in random places on my face.

So needless to say, I am particular about what goes on my face!

Because this was not anticipated nor budgeted, I only picked up a few items. Here’s what I purchased:

  • Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation in 440
  • Kilowatt Highlighter Duo in Ginger Binge/Moscow Mule
  • Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Luminizer


Without further ado, here are my thoughts on each:

Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation in 440

Coverage – with medium to full coverage, it provides a nice, solid coverage without looking too cakey or too sheer. My make-up was nearly intact at the close of a regular work day. Impressive. Rating: A

Color – it dries to a slightly darker color than what I originally saw on my skin (this is the intent of the foundation, just be mindful of this should you choose to do a color swatch in the store). I love that there are several options of colors with a variety of undertones to choose from. I would recommend trying it out with any color correcting or concealing products you may use to settle on the best color for you. Rating: A

Finish – it dries to a very satin, smooth, skin-like finish. Having oily skin in my T-zone, I typically have to blot with a sponge or blotting papers throughout the day. I found that I was able to go multiple hours before I began to look a bit dewy. So the matte finish of this product is wonderful! Rating: A



Kilowatt Highlighter Duo in Ginger Binge/Moscow Mule

Beautifully, pigmented duo color highlighter. One side has more shimmer than the other, but it’s not so shimmery that people will see your highlight from outer space. Perfect for work or buildable enough to shine bright if you’re out on the town. These shades are on the pink side, but feel free to check out the rest of the collection for more options. While I tend to veer towards highlighters that are more bronze in nature, I wanted to choose something a little different to add to my collection. Rating: B+

SIDEBAR: The show stopping highlighter that many beauty influencers are loving is the shade Trophy Wife. It is a very yellow highlighter that is probably more for a night on the town, in my opinion. I passed on that one but it’s something to consider should you feel a little saucy.


Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Luminizer

This is the only lip item offered in the initial launch. Now, let me say, I am a lip gloss girl. If there are a few things that I am grabbing to run some errands, lip gloss is definitely going to be in the number!

Simply put, this is a great gloss. It has a nice, wide, slanted doe foot applicator (nothing like a great gloss with a cheap or difficult to use applicator) that allows you to put on the product easily with a couple swipes. It has a soft, but nice and fruity scent. I’d describe it as a pinky brown color with a hint of shimmer. The container is a bit large to throw in a slim-size clutch, but because of the product in the tube, it’s worth making room for it! This was a winner for me. Rating: A+


Some additional and final thoughts:

The Fenty Beauty line is quite expansive and offers a variety of items including: shimmer sticks whose packaging allows them to magnetically connect to each other, a variety of brushes, blotting papers and powder, contouring products and even primer.

I must say, I am indeed impressed by the initial offering of the Fenty Beauty line. I look forward to not only seeing what is next…but I’m even more interested to see how the bomb that was dropped known as the Fenty Foundation line changes the make-up offering game in a very real and inclusive way.

Big shout out to Rihanna for changing the game in such an impactful way! Check out the Fenty Beauty site for more info about the brand and product offerings: https://www.fentybeauty.com

Love ya girlie!  


photo credits: fentybeauty.com, IG: cocoaswatches

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  • Heather says:

    Great recormendations. I too was impressed with the offering. I was a life long Prescriptives chick until they reduced their color rages. Now I’m a MAC chick. Gotta say I’m very curious about the Fenty line and I will be checking it out soon.
    Thanks for another great read.

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