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…and the beat goes on!

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…and the beat goes on!

…and the beat goes on!

Can all the 70s and early 80s babies please stand up?! Ok, so obviously I can’t literally see you stand up, seeing as how this is a written form of communication. But in my mind, I’m viewing a sea of Chix standing up proud of an era that, in my humble opinion, produced some of the greatest music the industry (and the world) has every experienced.



Penned by Leon Sylver (of the group “The Sylvers”), Stephen Shockley and William Shelby, the group the Whispers brought this US chart topping musical hit “…And The Beat Goes On” to our hearing pleasure in 1980.

The crux of the song as I see it, is this: having suffered a broken heart, there are more proverbial fish in the sea so the heartbroken will move on and alas…

…the drum-beat of life goes on!

There is indeed a lot going on in our world geologically, politically, racially, economically…and that’s well before you even get to personally! Whew, the sheer weight of all of that can have your head spinning and if not careful, put you in a sho nuff funk. BUT, I’m stopping by today (sound like a line any preacher that you know would recite? lol!) to declare and let you know…

…and the beat goes on!

To further this point, allow me to share a bit of my world with you. Just to be clear, dating in the new millennium – in particular when you have seen the beauty of the age of 40 come across your calendar (and I am loving every bit of this here decade) – is indeed…well….um…let’s just say an interesting adventure!

And if you don’t have an “…and the beat goes on” mindset about ya, you will surely go home, close the blinds, delete your social media, shut down each and every one of your online dating accounts, board up your heart and bunker down until the return of Jesus!

I mean, you could get down-right indignant about the whole thing.


Because let me just tell ya, I have met and mingled with the gamut of gentlemen – corporate/white collar & blue collar, with multiple degrees & with no degrees, with and without children, near and far, older, younger and my age, a fireman, police officer, fitness contractor, minister, PK (preacher’s kid), truck driver, corporate executives and IT gurus…I believe I have been open to exploring the possibility of getting to know whomever I found intriguing that came across my path. My, my, my…that makes me tired just typing out that list!

HOWEVER, in spite of the overwhelming majority of genuinely good guys that I’ve met and just not been a match with for one reason or another, I finally realized that if he was not the man I connect with for the long term…there will be another. Can I get an AMEN!

…and the beat goes on!

Candidly ladies, if someone had told me that I would be 42 and never been married nor had children…I would have had the heartiest laugh one could muster. I mean doubled over, laughing so hard that tears are streaming down my cheeks – just jacking up my best bottom lash work and top lash strips. Okay? That kind of funny!

And while I’ve certainly had my moments of self-reflection and adjustment, sadness, frustration, anger, disappointment, feelings of rejection and just flat out “sir, are you serious right now?” and “actually no, I don’t want to be in your wedding as (fill in the blank) cuz it’s the 12th wedding I’ve participated in as a (fill in the blank) and frankly I’m just wondering when I might be a Mrs my doggone self!” (How’s that for honesty?!). What a joy it was to get to the point of realizing that life is a serious of life-learning experiences – it’s a matter of what we chose to take from the experience that bears great value. And that at the end of day, pull up your big girl panties, square your shoulders, flip that hair and that no matter what you’ve experienced…

…and the beat goes on!

Maybe one day I will put pen to paper – or finger to keyboard – and share my dating and mating chronicles. Boy do I have some stories to tell!!! But in the meantime, for this week’s PC Soiree (posh and elegant gathering), I wanted to encourage you Peculiar Chix that no matter what may be transpiring, has transpired or is coming around the bend, remember this…

For further encouragement, widely thought to have been authored by King Solomon, the 3rd chapter of the biblical book Ecclesiastes sheds great wisdom on that fact that there truly is an ebb and flow to this gift we have been given called life. There are seasons that shift from one into the other…we just have to shift along with them (instead of placing the vehicle in park and remaining there far longer than intended). There is a time to laugh…just as there is a time to cry. https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Ecclesiastes+3%3A1-8&version=CEV

So in spite of whatever comes across your path, just remember…

…and the beat goes on!

Love ya girlie!  


photo credits: letrosespeak.com, pinterest, pixabay.com, giphy.com

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  • Marcia says:

    Yes I like and the beat goes on. Like get living no matter what thanks for the post.

  • Cheryl Oldham says:

    Girlie, I LOVE this awesome piece of encouragement!! I thank you for the uplifting, mind provoking thoughts you share. This post opened up a piece of you that should bring comfort to many because, “there IS a time for everything!” Please continue letting God use you. love you. Mama

    • Shannan Simpson says:

      Now this was written just for me! I’m that girlie. Coming from being married to now divorce, loosing myself identity to now finding it again has been a world wind… but i’m loving reading about how you’ve overcome so much and yet standing beautifully in it. I must say, you are definitely right. You are and We are Peculiar Chixs! Until next time, (beat drops) ….. and the beat goes on!

      Love ya Winning Chic!

    • PeculiarChixCEO says:

      EXACTLY Shannan…wow, sounds like you have quite a story of your own to tell. You’re absolutely right…the best does go on! Do your thang girlie!

    • PeculiarChixCEO says:

      The bestest mom for me EVER. Period. Point blank. Drop the mic. I’m done! 🙂 Love you ma!

  • Angela says:

    Thanks Kelly. It’s comforting to hear your story and your encouragement that I take whatever l can learn about my situation and keeping moving forward. It stings sometimes to feel like I’m not where I want to be in life in terms of having my own family.

    • PeculiarChixCEO says:

      I can understand how you feel Angela. The sting is undeniable and I appreciate your honesty. But having peace right in the middle of it is priceless. Love ya girlie!

  • Jamila Hendricks says:

    Wow. I never would have wonder for a woman as beautiful as you, to have those types of things running through your head. And having such a wonderful example of love that god blessed you to be born in it seems as if it would be a walk in the park. For god makes no mistakes, and what he has in-store will bless not just you but those who have been down this journey along side you. In prayer, support , encouragement and so many things. Because you a peculiar chix.

    • PeculiarChixCEO says:

      You are absolutely right Jamila, God indeed makes no mistakes. Embracing being peculiar and knowing God is not a man who lies, has been my saving grace! 🙂 You’re very kind, sometimes the candor surprises people but we all go through life stuff ya know? 🙂

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