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Oh what a night!

Oh what a night!

Oh what a night!

Hey, hey, hey Peculiar Chix! Man oh man have I missed our time together. I’ve learned the hard way…

…that my body has not quite adjusted to the change in southern seasons, in particular from spring to summer and summer to fall. Unfortunately, this most recent shift led to a couple weeks worth of migraines off and on. So I took some time to attend to me.

BUT, your girl is migraine-free and back in the proverbial Peculiar Chix saddle…so let’s get into this week’s post!

Some years ago, I had the privilege of working with a group of amazing ladies by the name of Women of Excellence. A non-profit community outreach organization established in 2007, these women embody the essence of Peculiar Chix – purposed to strengthen, empower and encourage excellence in the lives of young girls and women. I love their vision statement, “May you live, walk and love in excellence!” You can check them out here: http://www.woeministries.net/site/

So imagine my surprise when they reached out to share with me a truly humbling honor, they were having a gala to celebrate their 10-year anniversary. And wait for it…I was one of their 2017 Community Star honorees!!

WHUUUUTT???!! Wow!

Soooooo this one right here, who has been talking publicly since the days of middle school, church-sponsored speech contests and high school-backed speech and debate club tournaments…yes, that one, the loquacious once, was rendered speechless. How incredibly humbling and honored was I??

Well, this auspicious occasion called for a striking, low key stunner of an outfit. Although it was black tie, I didn’t want to wear the requisite long gown that I’ve always worn…I mean, isn’t that what a Peculiar Chix does? Come in on the low-low and be all Peculiar and stuff…LOL! That’s exactly what you, as a Peculiar Chix do, right?!

So I reached out to my girl, Nasira. Now, Nasira is one baaad chix! She has been my go-to here in the south any time I’ve needed a recommendation on anything that falls in the category of fabulosity. She connected me with this incredible woman, Shalonda Walker, creator of an ostrich feather dress of amazingness a few months prior.

Did she say ostrich???

Yup, ostrich.

So I shared my vision with Shalonda and we were off to the races! She developed a thorough plan for this custom creation and we picked out fabric, met a few times for fittings and just like that…this ruffle goodness was born! If you have a need, she can be reached at: beautiquestyles3@gmail.com.

If you have a vision, she can make it happen. And you will enjoy taking the journey with her! I can so appreciate a professional, talented, patient, creative, woman of her caliber making the process joyful. Needless to say, I was very well pleased.


I opted for pants instead of a traditional skirt so the look was as clean and lean as possible. I picked up the pants from https://www.fashionnova.com. (Shout out to that flash sale and 30% online coupon!!)

Rounding out the outfit were some yummy neck, wrist and foot candy:

NECK & EAR CANDY: Care of modishvine.com


ARM CANDY (gold, spiked bracelet): A generous gift; care of swarovski.com

SHOES & CLUTCH: Old favs care of the closet of Kelli Michelle 🙂

HAIR & MAKE-UP: Styled by the Youtube-trained skills of Kelli Michelle 🙂


Women of Excellence, thank you for an incredible night of delicious food, beautiful decorations and an affair I will never forget. I am honored to be amongst such a distinguished group of starry individuals!

Yes indeed, oh what a star-studded night!

Love ya girlie!  


photo/logo credit: woeministries.net

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  • Joyce says:

    What an awesome honor!! And so well deserved!! And the dress is fabulous!! And so are you 🙂

    • PeculiarChixCEO says:

      Aw thank you so much Ms Joyce, I really appreciate your continued support over the years of not just me…but my family as well! We love you! 🙂

  • Cheryl Oldham says:

    Hey Miss Kelli, it sounds like it was quite a night, and you deserved it! You are truly one fashionesta who is humble beyond measure. I love that you share the wisdom and knowledge that God blessed you with to other women and young girls. That whole outfit was goregous from head to toe. What a shining example you are before all God puts in your path. I love you. Mama

    • PeculiarChixCEO says:

      Aw Ma, the woman that I am is become the woman that you are. You were and still are the a woman that I have modeled my life after and seek to replicate. Thank you for allowing me to be me! Love you bunches and bunches!

  • Storm J says:

    Quite amazing and cute fit too. That’s wonderful you were honored in such a way. I’m sure your spirit and the ensemble was a head turner.

    • PeculiarChixCEO says:

      Aw thanks Kristie! To my fellow beauty and storm chaser, thank you for all of your support and kind words! 🙂

  • Shannan Simpson says:

    Yessss!! I love it! Congratulations Peculiar Chix! Many time I would watch from afar, admiring the Grace you walk in. Sky’s are never the limit to what is in store for you! Keep Shining, and when you get tired of the dress, send it my way! Ha!

  • PeculiarChixCEO says:

    Hey, hey, Ms Shannan!! Aw, you are very kind…my grace is indeed from my Mama (the originator, in my world, of what grace should look like). And I will certainly keep you in mind should I tire of that woman’s great design work, LOL! 🙂 Thank you for your support!

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